Tips On Dealing With Eye Irritation

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Your eyes are one part of your body that most likely see the most use out of any other body part. The eyes start their day the moment you wake up and rarely get a break until you go to bed at night. It's important to keep your eyes in healthy condition by going for a regular check up to the eye doctor and taking steps to minimize strain. If your eyes have felt irritated lately and you can't get to the eye doctor for help right away, take a look at a few ways you may be able to tackle the situation.

Use Eye Drops with Tetrahydrozoline

Tetrahydrozoline is a substance that is widely recommended by eye doctors for reducing eye irritation from dust, smoke or other common irritants. Have some lubricating eye drops that contain this substance in your medicine cabinet at all times. At the first sign of trouble, treat your eyes with the drops. Eye drops with lubrication can also provide an extra layer of defense against irritants or further dryness.

Keep an Eye on Your Contacts

If you are contacts-wearer, be honest with yourself: have you really been disinfecting and cleaning your contacts every night as well as you should? It's not uncommon for some people to rush this process at the end of the day if they are feeling tired. It might be time to switch out your contact lens case or get some new contacts entirely. If the eye irritation is chronic, your lenses might be contaminated with bacteria that no contacts solution is going to get out. Talk with your eye doctor about best practices for keeping your contacts in good condition, or if it might be time to switch to a new brand.

Put Cucumbers Over Your Eyes

Yes, seriously. This isn't just something that women do at the health spa, it's actually a really great way to deal with eye irritation. Place two thick slices of cucumber in cold water for 10 minutes or so. Lie down and place the cucumbers over your closed eyes. The cucumber will soothe your eyes, naturally reducing the redness and irritation. Closing your eyes from time to time in general will also help keep your eyes feeling great.

If you are dealing with constant eye irritation, it might be time to get to an eye doctor like Jacobson Eyecare. With that said, if you just need to treat an occasional occurrence, keep these tips in mind.