Not Loving Your Love Handles? Discover How To Get Rid Of Them

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While putting on your favorite pair of jeans, did you notice a bit of a bulge slipping out from the sides? The bulge, also known as love handles, may occur if you've gained some weight and your jeans are now a bit too tight. If you do not love the way your love handles look, there are ways to eliminate them so that you can go back to confidently wearing your favorite jeans.

Go Hard in the Gym: Complete Full Body Workouts

You may have thought crunches were one of the only ways to get rid of love handles, but that's not true. Instead of focusing solely on the core, you'll want to complete full body workouts in a gym like American Fitness for these reasons:

  • You'll burn more calories. If you're just doing crunches, you may not burn enough calories to get rid of the excess fat. If you complete a cardiovascular activity, such as jogging, and then do your crunches, you may notice the routine is more effective.
  • You'll tighten and tone your body. Even if you're targeting the love handles, completing a workout routine for your whole body will help you to get rid of fat in other areas, such as the legs and arms. As a result, your body will look tight and toned.
  • You may not reach a plateau. If you're always doing the same routine of just crunches, it's possible to reach a plateau where you start to see little to no change at all. If you're switching up your daily workout routine regularly, you'll likely still see results.

Now that you know the benefits of working out all areas of your body, these are some of the exercises you may want to consider doing at the gym to get rid of the love handles and get the body that you want to have:

  • Jogging on the treadmill. If you keep a steady pace while jogging on a treadmill, it's possible to shed over 100 calories in 15 minutes. The exact number of calories you'll burn in 15 minutes will depend on your starting weight and the exact pace you're going. Burning off those calories can help you to lose weight and ultimately lose the love handles too.
  • Standing side crunches with a medicine ball. Find a clear spot in the gym, grab a medicine ball that you feel comfortable using, and start doing side crunches instead of the traditional floor crunches. You'll need to stand with your feet spread apart as wide as you can get them while holding the medicine ball in your hands. You'll then bend one leg up to your chest, hold in place for 5–10 seconds, and repeat with the opposite leg. You can do your standing side crunches in sets of 20.
  • Squat with dumbbells. Hold a dumbbell in each hand while doing your basic squats to give your arms more of a workout while also giving your lower body a workout. You should feel the burn in both your legs and arms.

These are just a few of the exercises that you can do in the gym. With some persistence, you'll likely be able to get rid of those frustrating love handles while also losing extra weight in the process.