5 Symptoms Of Menopause

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If you are a woman who is middle-aged, you may begin experiencing symptoms of menopause. This stage is also referred to as a change in life and may cause a number of unwanted things to happen to your body. It's important to know what to expect during menopause to help you prepare for when this happens to you.

Symptom #1: Hot flashes

If you begin to feel hot and others around you are cold, this is a sign that you are experiencing hot flashes. These can cause your skin to feel instantly flushed, and you may become uncomfortable.

Other signs that you are having a hot flash include sweating and tingling throughout your body.

Symptom #2: Mood swings

Becoming easily irritated because of simple things that occur on a daily basis is a symptom of menopause. You may feel content in the morning and be angry by nightfall. The hormonal imbalance that accompanies this stage of life can contribute to moodiness for many women and may be difficult for others who are a part of your life.

Symptom #3: Insomnia

Being unable to sleep at night can have a negative impact on your overall health. You may not sleep as well during this stage of life because of night sweats and feelings of anxiousness.

Symptom #4: Loss of sex drive

Do you want to engage less in sexual activity? Having a low libido is commonly associated with being menopausal and may have you avoiding sex entirely.

Additionally, vaginal dryness is common for women during this stage of life and may make sexual intercourse painful.

Symptom #5: Hair loss

Thinning hair can be contributed to menopause for many women. If you experience significant hair loss, be sure to consult with an OBGYN that can prescribe treatments to help you deal with this unwanted issue.

Symptom #6: Depression

Feeling overwhelmed and not wanting to do any activities with others can be part of the menopausal cycle. Depression is a common symptom of menopause.

If you are severely depressed, consider talking to your doctor about anti-depressants that may be able to help you during this stage of life.

Finally, dealing with menopause can be challenging. Be sure to talk to your doctor about your symptoms and if HRT should be considered to help you at this time. Being able to feel your best is important, regardless what your stage of life may be.