2 Remedies That Can Help Intestinal Problems

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If you have intestinal problems, bloating, or if you often feel backed up, then here are two remedies that can help your intestines to function better.

Apple Cider Vinegar

First, you need to clean out your intestines and help them to function better each day. To do this, you need to drink apple cider vinegar each day. Apple cider vinegar and all sorts of vinegar will clean out your intestines, cleanse bacteria that is present, and vinegar will help your other organs to function better that process urine.

Apple cider vinegar does not have a pleasant taste, so there are a couple of ways that you can take the vinegar so that it is not so strong. First, you can put some vinegar in a spray bottle, and spritz it into your mouth a few times in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Obviously you will not get nearly as much when you just spritz a few times, which is why you need to spray and swallow it a few times a day.

The other way to drink apple cider vinegar is by diluting it with water. You mix a few teaspoons of the vinegar with water until it is diluted to your liking. Otherwise, if you can handle the full taste of the vinegar, just drink a small amount to fill your mouth, swish, and then swallow. By swishing, you will also clean your gums and teeth so that they are healthy and strong.


Probiotics will also help intestinal problems, especially if you have irritable bowel syndrome or constipation. Probiotics contain natural live bacteria that will clean out your intestines. They will also live in your intestines so that they can constantly protect them and help the intestines to push food through so that constipation does not occur.

You should notice more regularity as you take probiotics every day. If you want to make sure that your natural remedy is doing its job, then go to a natural food store where you can find probiotics that are just for men, just for women and even specific to age group. 

As you age, your body changes and has different needs, so you may need a stronger or weaker dose of probiotics depending on your body's need.

By incorporating these two natural and healthy remedies into your diet, you can decrease intestinal discomfort and help some intestinal problems to dissipate. However, if you continue to have intestinal issues, contact a healthcare provider, such as Expresscare Plus.