3 Ways A Midwife Can Make Your Pregnancy And Delivery Feel More Personalized To Your Wants And Needs.

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While having a baby in a hospital is a great thing, some women prefer a more natural and personal experience. A midwife is a certified health care professional who is trained to take care of pregnant mothers and infants. They will be with you from the beginning of your pregnancy to the end, and you will likely grow to feel very comfortable with them. This article will discuss 3 specific ways that a midwife can make your pregnancy and delivery feel more personalized to your wants and needs. 

They Come To Your Home For Appointments

Many women do not like going into doctor's offices for pregnancy wellness appointments because they may feel uncomfortable in this type of setting. Also, if the doctor's office is big enough, they may schedule you to see a different doctor each time, which some women do not like. A midwife gives you the option of coming to your home, or having you come to their home. Either way, going to a home is often times more comfortable and welcoming than a doctor's office. Also, since you will be seeing the same midwife each time, you will likely feel more comfortable during your appointments. 

You Get To Deliver Where You Are Most Comfortable

If you work with a midwife during your pregnancy, then you have the option of either delivering at home with your midwife, or at the hospital with your midwife. Just remember that if you decide you would like to deliver at a hospital, you need to make sure that it is one that allows midwives. If you decided to deliver at home, you can deliver in your bed, in the tub, or wherever you feel the most comfortable. At the hospital you can also request a water birth or a regular birth, depending on what you and your midwife have talked about. 

You Create A Birth Plan Together

Early in your pregnancy, you, your spouse, and your midwife can sit down together to create a birth plan. This plan will discuss what birthing classes you and your spouse will take, what type of birth you would like to have, and how you will prepare mentally and physically for your birth experience. You can then sign up for the birth classes, and begin taking them towards the end of your pregnancy. You can also exercise to prepare your body for labor, and do other mentally tough things to prepare mentally for the process of labor. 

Reach out to a midwife practice, like Women's Healthcare Associates LLC, for more details on the benefits of midwifery.