Making The Transition To An Adult Care Home Easier On Your Loved One

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If your loved one is no longer safe living at home on their own due to a mental impairment, an adult care home can give them the care they need in an individualized setting. There are several advantages to having your loved one live where they are monitored; however, it is important to transition your loved one in order for them to live in their new surroundings without becoming depressed or upset. Here are some steps you can take to help your loved one make the transition from their apartment or house to an adult care home in a positive way.

Sit Down To Discuss

The first step in having a successful transition is to discuss the topic with your loved one about how you feel about the matter. Let them know that you believe an adult care facility would be better in helping them with their daily activities and that you believe they will benefit tremendously from this help. Let them know that you will be there to visit the same way that you do at their regular home. The first discussion is very important, as it will make your loved one think about the prospect, even if they are not pleased with the idea.

Ask Some Questions

After you bring up the subject, ask your loved one for some input on their current difficulty with certain tasks around the home. If you have an idea about which areas they are struggling with, you will be able to make a better decision about the type of facility to have them move into. Ask them their concerns about moving. For example, they may be worried about what they will do about a pet they have or they may be afraid of having to share a room with someone else. Knowing these things in advance will help you find a pet-friendly adult care home or a place that has single occupancy rooms available.

Do Some Field Work

Have your loved one go with you to visit different facilities. Since they are the one that will be going to live there, making sure the facility meets their standards is very important in keeping them happy. Keep a list of the different sites you visit, such as Care with Love, and take pictures of the important parts within the facility, such as the bedroom, the cafeteria and the recreational room. These will come in handy when you discuss the facilities to make a selection with your loved one, helping to remind them how each facility looked and what it offered.

Help With Downsizing

An adult care home will not be able to accommodate all the items your loved one has in their possession. Take the time to help your loved one go through their belongings, making sure that items are given to people or stored in a way that your loved one agrees with. This can be a trying time as they will probably not want to let go of some items. Tell them you will hold on to some of the more important items if they will need them at a later time.