Pharmacy Compounding: What is It All About and Is It for You?

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When you go to the doctor for something that is ailing you, you are often given some type of prescription to take to the pharmacy so you can get medicine to help overcome your illness. However, what might be something as simple as an antibiotic or a pain medication for some is much more complicated for others. Some individuals need a specialized medication to deal with their particular ailment. If that happens to be the case for you, you can head into a compounding pharmacy to get your prescription filled and begin the path to a new you.

Understanding Pharmacy Compounding

While a traditional prescription can easily be taken to any pharmacy in your area that carries the medication, specialized medications require specialized pharmacies. Compounding pharmacies prepare personalized medications specifically for the patient in front of them. They work with the patient and the practitioner to ensure the medication is mixed to the precise specifications specified. This takes a lot of skill and precision to ensure the patient is getting exactly what they need and nothing less.

Reasons for Compounding

Many people never think or hear about these compounding pharmacies because their medications can easily be found at the regular pharmacy near them. However, there are a variety of reasons why people turn to compounding pharmacies to get their prescriptions. Whether you need a specific strength, dosage form, flavor, or omitted ingredient, you can rest assured that there is a solution for you.

With so many different allergies and sensitivities in the world today, it makes sense that certain medications might affect you differently from someone else. It might be that one little ingredient is preventing you from getting the help you need. A compounding pharmacist can create the same medication without that ingredient in it to get you the right dosage and blend to best accommodate your condition and your allergies at the same time.

Some patients cannot swallow pills, which can put them in a difficult situation when the medication they need only comes in pill form. This is when the specialized pharmacies can create a liquid form of the same medication for you to make it easier to take.

Don't ever feel as if you are stuck taking what the regular pharmacy has available. There are options available to you and they are closer than you think. Contact a compounding pharmacy like Premier Custom Pharmacy to find out what they can do for you.