4 Must Know Tips For Puppy Training

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Whether you've decided to do it yourself or you're hiring the services of a professional puppy trainer, there are some tips that you absolutely need to know when it comes to puppy training. With these few tips, your puppy can grow into an obedient, mindful dog who is respectful of his or her masters, other humans, and different animals alike.

End All Training Sessions On A Positive Note

Training your puppy can be a frustrating experience. Not every training session will go the way you desire. Remember that puppies are essentially children. They're not always going to act in accordance with how you want them to, and they're also easily distracted. It is important for your puppy to realize that the effort is worth it, however. Make sure that you end every training session with a treat, and even just a few minutes of play, so that they understand their efforts will be rewarded, and they will be eager to learn during the next training session.

Discourage Biting

As a puppy, your dog is going to want to try out new things. As a youngster, they're not always going to understand that these things have negative consequences. Instead of punishing your puppy for biting or nipping, perhaps you should allow them to see the consequences of their actions. Whenever they bite or nip, act as if you're in great pain due to their actions. Your puppy will most likely stop the activity soon thereafter and realize that biting and nipping is a painful experience.

Make Your Rules Early

Decide on the rules of your house early on in your puppy's life and stick with them. It's best to come to agreement with your family or others who live with you in your household. Make sure to ask yourself and your housemates questions, such as, "Is the puppy allowed on the furniture?" and, "Are there certain areas of the house which are off limits to the puppy?"

Discourage Jumping

Puppies love attention. Granting them attention when they jump on you will instill the notion that this behavior is okay later in their life, and they may jump up on those that find such actions annoying. Like biting, there is no need to scold this behavior. One again, your actions will be speak louder than words. Simply ignore your puppy's pleas for attention when they jump upon you.

Although it might seem as if training your puppy is a difficult experience, this need not be the case. Hopefully, this brief guide has given you some insight on how to begin training your beloved pet.

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