2 Essential Oils To Help Reduce Swelling After A Facelift

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If you are looking for a tighter and firmer appearance, then a facelift is often used as a cosmetic solution in order to achieve this. Facelifts involve removing excess facial skin in order to tighten areas that are saggy. The recovery process for a facelift usually involves very little pain and discomfort. However, immediately after the procedure, you may notice swelling. The swelling is prominent in the first few weeks after surgery before it will begin to lessen on its own. Since this can take some time, there are a few essential oils that you can use to help reduce swelling during your recovery process.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile is commonly used in herbal baths in order to treat sprains, soreness, and swelling caused by traumatic injuries. The herb contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that not only help to soothe pain but also reduce inflammation. When used after a facelift, chamomile can aid in reducing swelling and light pain. Start by warming up half a cup of water on the stove. Wait until it boils, then add ten drops of chamomile oil. Dip a clean cloth into the mixture and wring the rag of excess moisture. Use the rag to pat your entire face. Hold the chamomile mixture on each area for a few minutes before removing.

Oregano Oil

Oregano is considered to be a staple in tomato sauces in kitchens all over the world because of its warm taste. However, the herb is also considered to be a healing herb. Oregano is considered to be a natural pain reliever. It is often used in massage therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation. The oil taken from oregano leaves can be used to treat your swelling after your cosmetic procedure. Place half a cup of the oil in a small cup and place that cup in a large pot filled with water. Allow the water to boil, then remove the cup from the pot. Use a clean cloth to gently massage the oil into your face. You can use a steamer to help open up your pores so that the oil is absorbed into your skin. Apply the oil in the morning and at night in order to notice a reduction in your swelling.

A facelift procedure can give you more youthful and vibrant appearance once it has fully healed. Therefore, use these oils to help make the healing process as smooth as possible by reducing your swelling.

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