A Guide To Walk-In Tubs

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If you have decided a walk-in tub is the right choice for your bathing needs, then you should familiarize yourself with the benefits and features they offer, as well as the different options that will be available to you. The more you know about these tubs, the easier time you will have choosing the right one to have installed in your bathroom. This article will be more than helpful with regards to educating you on these things.

The tubs have doors on the side of them

One of the main features of these tubs, that they all share in common, is doors in the sides you walk through. This way, you no longer need to worry about climbing over the side of the tub. All of these tubs are the same in this manner.

They have seats inside of them

Walk-in tubs also have seats in them. These seats can vary in size and shape, so you do want to make sure you fit comfortably in the one you choose. The seats also have non-slip surfaces and this will help to prevent you from sliding off of the seat while you are trying to enjoy your bath.

They have non-slip floors

You don't want to worry about slipping while you are trying to get out of the tub and this is why walk-in tubs also have non-slip texture placed on the flooring inside of them. If you find this isn't enough, you can add your own stickers for extra help.

They have hand-held showerheads

The walk-in tubs also have a regular faucet which puts the water into the tub and hand-held showerheads, so you won't have a problem washing and rinsing your hair and the rest of your upper body. Verify the hand-held showerhead has any extra features you want, such as massaging pulse or a handle that fits easily in your hands.

They can have jets

These tubs can have jets, but this is not always so, such as in the case of a very basic design. However, if you suffer from aches and pains, then you should choose a model that has jets, so you can enjoy the relaxing movement of the water that helps will things like stress and circulation.

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