Reduce Discomfort And Inflammation Associated With A Neck Injury

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If you were in a bicycle accident and are suffering from daily neck pain and swelling as a result, the following suggestions can be used to aid in reducing discomfort and inflammation so that you are able to rest comfortably until the injury heals.

Warm Compress And Brace

Fill a sports sock that is made out of cotton with dry beans or rice. Sew the opening of the sock with a basic straight stitch. Warm up the sock inside of a microwave for a minute until it feels warm. Wrap your bare neck with the warm compress and place a neck brace over it.

The compress will soothe aching muscles in the damaged area and may reduce swelling. The brace will assist with keeping the compress in place and will prevent you from turning your head at an awkward angle, which could cause the injured area to hurt more. Reheat the homemade compress as often as needed, until your neck is no longer throbbing in pain.

Pain Management Sessions

Make an appointment with a pain management specialist to have your neck examined and to be provided with treatment options that will help you cope with your injury without feeling overwhelmed with pain. You may be prescribed medication to assist with discomfort and swelling.

A specialist may also recommend elevating your neck or participating in physical therapy sessions in order to reduce stiffness and increase blood flow in the affected area. Follow up with the pain management specialist regularly, until your neck has healed. 

Handheld Massage Tool And Aromatic Oil

Purchase a handheld massage tool that is long enough to reach the back of your neck so that you won't have to stretch your arms in an awkward manner, which could cause additional discomfort. Pour a few drops of massage oil onto the tip of the tool and gently move it over the parts of your neck that hurt.

If you use a type of oil that emits a pleasing scent, you may be able to relax and envision yourself in a tranquil setting while you treat the injured area. Use the massaging tool until you feel your muscles loosen up and pain isn't as prominent as it previously was.

Utilize all of the methods regularly in order to receive the best results. Before long, your injury and the pain that was experienced will be a distant memory in the past. For more help with pain management, speak to a doctor or pharmacist.