Alternative Health Care For The Election Season Blues

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November cannot come soon enough for many people in this nation. Although you may not be sick, you may feel fatigue, frustration, and a vague malaise. Stress headaches are not uncommon and a desire to hide under the covers has been reported by many. If you hesitate to visit your doctor for these symptoms, consider seeking help from an alternative practitioner such as an expert in Ayurveda. Now more than ever, you need to keep your life in balance.


Ayurveda is an ancient practice that focuses on keeping all aspects of your existence in balance so that you can have a full and happy life. The point is to keep your physical health, spiritual health, and emotional health in sync with the universe. The methods that Ayurvedic practitioners use to accomplish this goal include managing what are known as "doshas." These areas control different aspects of health including digestion, weight, and your immune system. To treat these imbalances, the practitioner may use massage, blood purification, and digestive purging. When all is said and done, your life should be more attuned to the universe, and you should feel much better. 


Many people are currently feeling out of sync with their political system, their country, the world, and by expansion, the universe. Trying to avoid election-based conflict is nearly impossible, particularly if you use social media. Even going to the relatives for a family dinner can cause conflict and definitely upset your digestion. Television is full of political ads, and you cannot even listen to your favorite top forty radio station without being dragged into the stress of this current election. Psychologists have reported that people are suffering debilitating fear and anxiety this time around, to a degree that other elections have not caused. Rather than drink heavily or take prescription sedatives, trying Ayurveda seems like an excellent alternative. Finding balance and calm right now would be well worth the price of treatment. 

Going to your internist with a bad case of political exhaustion may not seem like a good option. After all, the symptoms are vague and no pill will cure it. However, trying Ayurveda makes a great deal of sense. If you are out of sorts, finding a way to balance all aspects of your life is a practical approach. You may just find that your anxiety is less, your digestion is better, and your headaches are gone. What do you have to lose?