Two Signs That You Might Be Dealing With Heart Disease

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If you're like many people, you'd rather almost anything else on your body be afflicted before your heart.  This organ pumps life-giving blood throughout your entire body and is vital to your health and well being.  However, as important as your heart is to your body, it's possible for you to be dealing with a heart-related issue and not even know it.  Heart disease has been called the silent killer, largely because it can begin and develop in a way where you're unaware that there's an issue until it's too late.  Use this information to learn more about some of the signs that you may be dealing with heart disease.

You Feel Overly Fatigued

One of the signs of a possible heart issue is feeling an overwhelming sense of fatigue.  This symptom can be easy to ignore, especially if you lead a hectic life.  However, failing to get professional help could prove to be quite detrimental.

The reason why you may be feeling fatigued is because the heart is having a difficult time pumping blood to the muscle tissue in your body.  Because the pumping mechanism could possibly be wearing down, it's important for the body to compensate by sending blood to its most important parts:  The brain and heart.  It's not as vital that your muscles or limbs get blood when the heart is impaired.  As a result, you may constantly feel tired and like you really just want to lie down.

Activities that used to be quite simple for you could now seem to require a lot of effort.  If this occurs, don't ignore it:  Seek out professional assistance immediately at a place like Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital.

You Experience Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations can be quite frightening.  You may feel like your heart is skipping beats, or like it is fluttering in your chest.  If you've never dealt with this before, it can be even more scary, especially if the sensation starts to spread throughout your chest, neck and shoulders.  

While palpitations are quite common and can come from things like stress or nicotine usage, they may point to a more serious issue:  heart problems.  The best thing to do is go get it checked out by a doctor.  Even if it's determined that your heart is fine at least you'll have the peace of mind that you need.

If any one of these signs crops up, don't delay.  Get to a hospital as soon as possible.