2 Symptoms Of Macular Degeneration You Should Not Ignore

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When you start having difficulty seeing, you may worry that something serious could be wrong with your eyesight. If so, look for the following symptoms that could indicate you have macular degeneration and need to have your eyes examined.

Similar Colors Seem To Run Together

Your eyes contain photoreceptors called cones that help you discern color. When you have macular degeneration, these cones start to deteriorate, decreasing your ability to discern slight variations in the hues of colors.

For example, if you are looking out into your backyard at the trees and plants, you may perceive the greens as one big blob. This is because your eyes are no longer able to differentiate between the lighter and darker greens, seeing only green.

This change in color contrast perception could be dangerous in certain situations. If you are climbing two-toned stairs, you may not be able to see the differences in the colors of the steps. This could make you miss a step and fall.

Need More Light While Reading

Along with the cones in your eyes, you also have rods that help your eyes perceive light at low levels. These rods allow you to read with the lights dimmed and see while you are walking into a room with very little light.

However, these rods become damaged if your eyes are affected by macular degeneration. As they deteriorate, your eyes are no longer able to differentiate the difference between light and dark shadows when the lights are off or turned down low.

If you have started to notice you need more light on the page while you are reading, your rods may be affected by the disease. Also, you may notice that you are unable to see the shadow of the table in your dining room when you try to walk through the house at night. You could run into the table or stub your toe before you realize it is there. 

An even more dangerous scenario when you are unable to detect objects at lower light levels comes while you are driving. If you are traveling down a dark road with faintly painted lines, you may accidentally run into the other lane, sustaining or causing serious injury. 

If you are experiencing the above symptoms, you may have macular degeneration and should have your eyes checked out as soon as possible. Make an appointment with an eye doctor, such as White Bear Eye Clinic & Optical, to have your eyes examined so that prompt eye care treatment can begin to help slow down the progression of the disease.