Why Urgent Care Just For Children Is A Great Idea

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There are urgent care clinics all over the place now. Why would an urgent care for children clinic be necessary, or even a good idea? Actually, it is a brilliant idea, and here is why.

Children Are Far More Likely to Experience Injuries

Given a child's natural predilection to exploration and curiosity, children are more likely than adults to become injured. Many of the emergency cases seen in a hospital or urgent care clinic are children, with the occasional adult thrown in the mix. Children will climb, dump, taste, drink, fall, and tumble over more things than an adult will, which means that an overwhelming number of injured patients are children. 

If the children are taken to a pediatric urgent care instead of an emergency room or general urgent care clinic, they free up a lot of the space that older patients need. The pediatricians in such a clinic also have much more knowledge and experience with treating children. They understand a child's unique physiological, physical, and emotional development that helps them treat sick and injured kids better.

Children Have More Bones to Break

Human adults have 206 bones, but children and infants have around 270 bones. That is significantly more bones to break in a fall. It also means that they need extra special care in the event that they have broken a bone that is supposed to meld into other bones as they grow. A pediatric urgent care facility can make sure to mend the bones in such a way that it does not interfere with the natural fusion of those broken bones with the surrounding bones in the body.

Pediatricians Demonstrate More Patience for Sick and Injured Children

Pediatricians are not pediatricians simply because. They are what they are because they excel at what they do. They can make children feel more calm, put them at ease, make them laugh, and help them feel less pain. They regularly demonstrate a love for children, and a natural tendency to be more patient with sick and injured kids. 

When your child is screaming in pain and there is nothing you can do as a parent, the very first thing you want to do is take your child somewhere where he/she will not be in pain. A pediatric urgent care clinic answers to your primal instincts as a parent, to get your child help and comfort right away. It also lets your child be comforted by people who know exactly how to do that. Contact a facility, like Emergency Care Dynamics, for more help.