Seek Help From A Sports Massage Practitioner If You Experience Running-Related Muscle Spasms

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Muscle spasms aren't hugely uncomfortable, but they can certainly be annoying. Twitching from a muscle can bother you when you're sedentary, but also when you're trying to get some exercise. It's common to experience muscle spasms as a result of overuse, which means that if you're doing a repetitive motion, you may be at risk of this issue. Runners will often experience muscle spasms; while your spasms may go away on their own with a little rest, you may also wish to seek treatment at a sports massage clinic. Sports massage practitioners routinely treat runners with muscle spasms, so you'll be able to get relief. Watch for muscle spasms to appear in these areas as a result of your running.


Your thighs are pivotal to your running mechanics, which means that they can get overused if you're a frequent runner. Initially, you may notice some cramping or general fatigue in these muscles, but muscle spasms can often develop. Your instinct might be to fight through this annoyance, and it's true that you can still run when you're experiencing minor muscle spasms of the thighs. However, continuing to push yourself will only lead to further complications, so it's ideal to schedule a session with a sports massage therapist.


Although you might not think that your back muscles are getting worked when you run, the reality is that your upper and lower back is engaged as part of your running mechanics. These muscles contract with each stride that you make. For example, as you pump your arms while you run, your upper back is moving at the same time. Muscle spasms in this region could compel you to change your running mechanics; for example, you might begin to swing your arms less in an effort to not use your back muscles as much. Doing so can be awkward and potentially lead to other issues, so it's best to book a sports massage.


It's easy to forget that you have muscles around your ankles that are highly used when you're a runner. Every stride that you take, these muscles are working to allow you to lift and move your feet. As such, they can develop muscle spasms as a result of overuse. This can especially occur if you're frequently up on your feet even when you're not running — for example, if you have an active job. A sports massage session can be instrumental in getting rid of these spasms.