You Might Have Hearing Loss If These Things Are Happening To You

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The thought of hearing loss is scary for some people. This is why many people who have trouble hearing neglect to seek professional help. Perhaps you know that you have trouble hearing what is going on around you, or you may be in denial. Sometimes well-meaning friends and family tell their loved ones if they suspect that they might be experiencing hearing loss. You do not need to be afraid or ashamed of hearing loss. It is something that can happen to anyone at any age. The following points will help you identify a few signs of hearing loss.


Some people who experience hearing loss get frustrated with others when they do not understand what they are saying. Their friends and family might also get frustrated with them because they have to frequently repeat themselves in conversations. When visiting places such as theaters, some people also get frustrated if they cannot understand what is being said. It can also be frustrating if the sounds one hears are muffled.

Television or Radio Volume

People experiencing hearing loss often turn their radios and televisions up loud. Some of their friends and family will likely mention to them that they are playing these devices too loud. Strangely, some people experience hearing loss as the result of playing loud music or attending clubs that do. If a spouse is experiencing hearing loss, it might result in the two individuals watching television in different rooms to prevent arguments. This also interrupts what could be enjoyable quality time. Some people try to endure this, but the spouse with hearing loss might say something like, "What did he/she say?" during a show.

Telephone Conversations

Individuals might switch ears frequently during telephone conversations. Some individuals have what is deemed as a "favorite ear." This is likely because it is the ear that they can hear best out of. Another sign of hearing loss pertaining to telephone usage is having to ask people to repeat themselves often.

An audiologist is a good resource to use to determine if you are experiencing hearing loss. They can perform simple, painless tests to determine if you have hearing loss in one or both ears. Sometimes people experience difficulty hearing due to their eardrums being covered in wax. Audiologists can perform a procedure that softens the wax and use equipment to vacuum it from the ears. If you truly are losing your hearing, a hearing aid fitting at a place like Audiology Consultants, P.C. will likely be recommended. There are many discreet hearing aids available today.