After A C-Section: Recovery Tips

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Bringing a baby into the world can be miraculous. However, the birth of a child does not always occur in the way you expect. In some cases, a caesarean section may be necessary for your child to be born in the safest manner possible. Also known as a c-section, a caesarean section is an invasive surgical procedure. If you will be having a c-section or you have recently given birth in this way, knowing how to care for your health afterwards is essential. Here are a few recovery tips to follow after a c-section.

Get Help

After the c-section, you will be sore in an around the incision area. This soreness will make doing even the simplest of tasks very difficult. Not only will reaching down into the crib or bassinet to pick up your body be challenging, but simply getting up out of your own bed will be difficult.

If possible, ask for help and do not feel ashamed about taking this help. Make sure your significant other, a friend, or a family member is there when you bring your baby home. They should be able to help you with your newborn baby, but also available to help you with your own needs.

Get Rest

Your body needs to rest after the birth of a child, but your body will need even more rest after a c-section. Spend time in bed, walking around the house only periodically. Use this time to relax. Do not attempt housework or any activity that may be considered strenuous, since this could affect your incision.

You can lift your baby, but avoid lifting the baby from a lower surface. For example, do not attempt to pick your baby up from a crib with a high wall, since this will place a great deal of pressure on your incision, causing pain and even bleeding.

Be Patient

Many women try to get right back into their normal routine after a c-section. Unfortunately, this can lead to enormous pain, bleeding, and even the opening of your incision. Be patient during your recover and remember it can take up to 6 to 8 weeks for your body to return to normal.

Expecting to recover more efficiently will not only affect your physical health, but also your emotional health. If you are experiencing feelings of sadness or depression, talk to your doctor.

A c-section is a serious procedure that deserves proper understanding. This guide will help you prepare for the recovery at home. Talk to your OBGYN for more help.