Reasons Glasses Wearers Should Consider LASIK Surgery

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Eyeglasses are a great invention. They enable people with less-than-perfect vision to see clearly and function in society. However, eyeglasses are not the perfect solution to inadequate vision. One alternative option is LASIK surgery. Even LASIK is not perfect, but it does have a lot of advantages over wearing eyeglasses. Here are some reasons that eyeglass wearers should consider getting LASIK.

You'll be able to see clearly, even at night.

The thing about wearing glasses is that you always have to have them on your face in order to see clearly. If you get up without your glasses in the middle of the night, you might struggle to see clearly. After LASIK surgery, your vision will be perfect, or close to perfect, 24 hours a day. You won't have to reach for glasses to see clearly. You can stop bumping into door frames and tripping over thresholds at night.

You'll be able to see while swimming.

When was the last time you saw clearly while in the pool? Probably before your vision started declining. You can't wear glasses in the pool, and you can't even wear contacts, since getting pool water in your eyes with contacts can lead to an eye infection. If you are a swimmer, whether serious or casual, LASIK will allow you to see clearly while you're in the water.

You won't have to order or maintain glasses.

Taking care of and replacing your glasses takes more effort than you might realize. You have to search for and buy a new pair at least every few years. The screws come loose, the lenses pop out, and just overall, you have to do some maintenance. Once you have LASIK, you will no longer have to deal with this maintenance, and you won't have to endure glasses shopping trips, either.

You'll be able to see in the rain and fog.

For many people, rain makes it hard to see through your lenses. You may also struggle with fog and humidity if you wear glasses. Fortunately, LASIK gives you an escape from the weather-related worries of wearing glasses. Your eyes themselves do not fog up or get tough to see through once it rains.

If you are a glasses wearer who is struggling with any of the problems discussed above, talk to your eye doctor about LASIK. It can be a life-changing surgery in so many ways. Contact a doctor for more information regarding LASIK.