Why Use Drug And Alcohol Testing At Your Business?

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Drug and alcohol tests detect the presence of intoxicants in a person's system through the collection and testing of a fresh urine sample. Random testing can discourage employees from indulging in drugs and alcohol, which is why many smart business owners require these tests of their employees. Here are four reasons to take advantage of an accredited drug and alcohol testing service:

1. Select trustworthy and competent employees

Hiring a new employee requires an investment of company resources. By the time prospective hires are in a position to be offered a job, they've usually gone through a lengthy interview process. Once an employee is hired, further resources will be expended on training them and getting them up to speed. The last thing you want to do is hire someone who is untrustworthy. Having potential hires undergo drug and alcohol testing will ensure that you do not hire someone with a drug or alcohol problem that would make them unfit to work for your company.

2. Make sure that your employees are not engaging in illegal activity

If employees engage in illegal activity while on the job, your business may be legally liable. Many types of recreational drugs are illegal, and even possession of these drugs can be a basis for legal charges. Even legal intoxicants, such as alcohol, are illegal when consumed publicly or before driving. Having your employees submit to periodic drug and alcohol testing can discourage illegal activity.

3. Certify that your employees are not a danger to themselves or others

Some jobs require mental focus and physical prowess. Anyone who operates heavy machinery or motor vehicles must have a clear head to do their job safely. People who work with the public in any capacity must also be able to make rational decisions to avoid causing distress to customers and clients. Drugs and alcohol cause mental and physical impairment that can make it dangerous for someone to perform their job. People who use drugs or alcohol before driving can harm themselves or others. Drug and alcohol testing will ensure that your employees are fit for duty and that they aren't using intoxicants.

4. Ensure that your employees uphold morality clauses

Some jobs require the trust of the community. Teachers and clergy members, for instance, must be above moral reproach. If your business or organization requires employees to abide by a morality clause, drug and alcohol testing can help you ensure that morality agreements are adhered to.