Three Services You Might Not Have Known Your Local Pharmacy Offers

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Pharmacies are one of the most common healthcare facilities in America, and while they are not equipped to deal with patients like hospitals are, they do still offer a wide range of services that many American's are not aware of. You probably think of a pharmacist as mainly a place where you can fill a prescription or pick up some cheap medication. While that is certainly true, that is not the sole purpose of a pharmacy. There are a lot of things your pharmacist can do that you might not expect; after all, they do require a level of training that is above a regular retail employee. Here are a few services you might not have known some pharmacies offer, both medically related and non-medically related.


With COVID-19 having created an unusually large vaccination drive across the country, and indeed the world, many pharmacies have begun offering vaccination services on-site. These are still carried out by medical professionals who have experience with vaccination and all the required training, so don't feel as though you are getting a second-class service. You also can choose from virtually all of the approved vaccines or you can just pick the easiest and most widely available option in your area. The best part? Vaccination is free for virtually all Americans across the country, and that includes pharmacies. Health insurance covers most vaccines, and the government has programs for lower-income families to make sure that every American can get safe access to this preventative medicine. If you want to have a look at which pharmacy in your area is offering free vaccinations against COVID-19 then have a look at this comprehensive list published by the CDC. You can find information state by state so there is no confusion, and then you merely need to set up an appointment and you are good to go!

Photocopying Services

Most pharmacies these days have a photocopying machine that is far more advanced than the one you have at home. They use it themselves to print labels for prescriptions and so on, but these are also often open to the public as well. If you want to print out a large picture or perhaps have a unique texture (such as glossy, matte, etc) then you should go and check out your local pharmacy photocopying service. While some offer just basic printing, you really never know until you investigate, and most will tell you what they can do for you online. Considering more and more people are deciding to ditch their old-fashioned inkjet printer due to high running costs, this is a great alternative option due to how many pharmacies there are out there.

Eye Health

Your eyes are an important organ that you need to take good care of, but most people can't be bothered making routine trips to the optometrist who may be located far away. Many pharmacies today will be able to obtain the right prescription glasses for you, and some offer basic eye check-ups as well. Whether you need it for your license, or simply because you are starting to have some symptoms of poor eye health (such as double vision, blurring, short-sightedness, etc) a pharmacy is many Americans' first stop. Not only is it cheaper than an optometrist, but for most basic diagnoses, you get the same service. Of course, if you do require further attention or a more in-depth analysis, then you will be referred to an optometrist, but it is always worth checking out your local pharmacy first. It can save you a long trip and a couple of hundred dollars, plus they offer a lot of great general frames and a selection of sunglasses!