Six Mistakes That Could Compromise A Patient's Foot Health

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You need to take care of your feet if you want to keep them healthy. Unfortunately, patients sometimes make mistakes that detract from the condition of their feet and lead to health problems.

The following are six mistakes that could compromise a patient's foot health. 

Wearing shoes that don't fit well

The fit of your shoes is essential when it comes to keeping your feet healthy. Wearing shoes that don't fit well could lead to some serious conditions of the feet, such as hammertoe. 

You need to put enough thought and time into choosing your shoes. If a pair of shoes is causing pain and discomfort, you should get rid of them rather than continuing to wear them. 

Using shoes that don't provide a lot of support for high impact activities

Wearing shoes that aren't supportive for athletic activities or walking long distances is not good for your feet. If you're engaged in activities that will have a high impact on your feet, it's important to wear sneakers that offer a good amount of support to prevent foot problems. 

Routinely letting your toenails get too long

Don't procrastinate about cutting your toenails. Letting your toenails get too long can cause numerous problems.

In particular, long toenails could lead to ingrown toenails or fungal infections on your nails. Pay attention to the length of your toenails and cut them regularly to keep them healthy. 

Never letting your feet get fresh air

Airing out your feet when you can helps keep the skin on your feet healthy. If you don't let your feet air out by taking your shoes and socks off once in a while, you'll be more likely to suffer from conditions of the skin such as athlete's foot. 

Overlooking the importance of good socks

Quality footwear isn't the only important thing that you put on your feet. Quality socks are also important. It's best to wear socks that are made from natural materials such as cotton that will soak up moisture and keep the skin of your feet more healthy. 

Neglecting to visit a podiatrist when you're having foot problems

If you're having a problem with your feet that won't go away, you need to see a podiatrist. Neglecting to see a specialist about foot problems you're having could allow those problems to get worse. Set up an appointment with your foot doctor right away to get the prompt treatment you need for optimum health.