Health Matters: Receiving The Healthcare You Deserve As A Transgender

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Receiving the proper healthcare as a transgender is important for helping to prevent illness and keeping your body healthy. However, finding good healthcare can be challenging for some transgenders. Finding a physician who understands and is informed regarding the needs of transgenders is important and will help you get the healthcare you deserve. 

Hormonal treatments

If you are using hormonal treatments as part of your transgender regimen, working with a doctor who specializes in these forms of treatments is essential to make sure you are getting the proper dosages. Hormonal drugs may lead to health problems if a dose is too high. Working with a physician who specializes in transgender hormonal treatments will help you achieve the best results in a safe and healthy manner.

Insurance coverage

It is not uncommon for surgeries and medications used for transgender procedures to be denied by certain insurance carriers. A well-informed physician who works with transgenders will be aware of the procedures and medications that insurances cover. Your physician may suggest insurance benefits that are available for the care you need and can work with you to help you get the treatments necessary for a transgender.

Sexual health needs

It is always important to be upfront with your physician when answering questions pertaining to your sexual orientation and health. It is important for you to receive the proper sexual health screenings to address sexually transmitted diseases, both for treating and preventing these diseases. You will also need to be open about any sexual partners you currently have or have had in the past.

Mental health concerns

Being transgender can bring with it many challenges others do not have, such as being misunderstood or discriminated against. You took a brave stand on becoming who you are but may feel out of place among your friends and family due to conflicts that occurred because of your gender identity. This often occurs because others are misinformed or uninformed regarding transgenders.

It is important for you to discuss any negative feelings you have when you visit your doctor. You may want to discuss any feelings of depression or anxiety you are experiencing. Your doctor may provide a mental health referral for therapy to help you cope with the challenges of being transgender.

Searching for the right doctor is the key to getting the healthcare you need as a transgender. It is best to be upfront with a healthcare provider prior to seeking treatment. Ask if your physician is knowledgeable regarding the specific needs of transgenders and do not feel guilty about choosing another doctor if necessary.

Reach out to a trans healthcare provider for more guidance and information.